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The Best Cooker Hood for Kitchen Island

The Best Cooker Hood for Kitchen Island

As the kitchen island became popular in modern kitchens, it evolved into the centre of life in the kitchen. But with a kitchen island, you do not have the usual option of installing an exhaust hood against the wall, with the odours and smoke drawn straight out of a vent in the wall and safely away. So the island cooker hood came into; it’s a perfect cooker hood for the kitchen island.



What is the island cooker hood?

The island cooker hood refers to a cooker hood installed on the ceiling above the cooking area located in the middle of your kitchen, away from the wall. A modern island cooker hood is hanging on the ceiling to exhaust odours and smoke on the counter or island cabinet. It is a remarkable contemporary cooker hood for open kitchens.


Island cooker hood features 

  • The island cooker hood usually is installed by hanging, and the cooker hood is not against the wall at any side. 
  • The island cooker hood has a modern and elegant design, all sides can be regarded as the front, and the entire cooker hood process requires very high technology. 
  • Island cooker hoods usually use high-power motors, and the exhausting power is often relatively large to ensure that the smoke and odours under the range hood are ventilating.
  • Easy Cleaning, you can clean your island range hood using the same products you would use to clean a regular range hood. The classic combo of water and soap goes a long way.
  • Recirculation, there are carbon filters in the range hood. Carbon absorbs dirt by itself. When the range hood extracts the cooking fumes, the carbon filter absorbs dirt and odours from the air. The air is clean, and the hood blows it back into the room.


Mainstream designers have long agreed upon the understanding of modern kitchens; that is, modern kitchens should not only be a place for people to cook food and show their cooking skills but also a place for people to relax, entertain and communicate. According to this design concept, open kitchens represented by island cabinets and island cooker hoods have become the mainstream trend in modern kitchens. The island cabinet makes the combination of the dining table and the stove perfect. In these modern kitchens, people can perform 360-degree free cooking activities around the island cabinet, and the functional space is greatly improved; on the other hand, The counter next to the stove is an open food preparation area, which can be placed directly on the counter next to it, reduce the operating difficulty and saving time.


The integrated design of the island cabinet and the counter makes the cooking more effective; meal preparation, dining, and tableware cleaning are carried out in the same space, without long-distance transmission, significantly improving work efficiency and saving money. And the island-type cooker hood on the island cabinet is not only a machine for ventilating lingering smoke, grease or odours during cooking but also fashionable lighting on the counter. The stylish island hoods with elegant designs and various functions are becoming more and more popular in modern families.

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