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  • Nosh Oven
  • Versatile 8-In-1
  • 20s Steam Out
  • Steam-Cleaning
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  • Beyond Sauce Pan
  • Non-Toxic Nonstick
  • Oven Safe Up To 450℉
  • Silent On An Induction Cooktop
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🌟Customer Reviews


This is a modern-looking vent hood that works great and the noise level is low.

May 27, 2024


Great price. Looks great, works good, price is right.

May 22, 2024


This one came in a really nice package, similar to those expensive pots out there. Once open, the frying pan looks really nice with a really nice deep blue color in the outside and light gray non-stick surface in the inside. The pan looks well made, and it is not too heavy. What I love the most is that it distributes the heat evenly and cooks the food really fast. It is easy to clean and it is a true non-stick pan.

May 16, 2024


Very happy with the purchase overall. It is a bit more noisy than our last vent. Lights work well and it’s easy to clean!

May 15, 2024


This pan holds a lot and has a durable coating. The material is solid and is of exceptional quality. The outer finish does not peel or fade during cooking or washing. The finish on the bottom does not burn or discolour with high temps. The pan heats evenly and maintains temperature. It works great on an electric cooktop or induction burner. Hand wash with a soapy sponge in warm water. Overall, this is a great sauté pan at a reasonable price.

April 28, 2024


We have diverted its use for food to a professional use in a dental laboratory. We couldn't find a mini hood like this one to suck up the smell and the smoke that the 3D prints give off when we have to weld on them. Well, thanks to this mini hood, you can see in my video that the smoke is totally sucked up and there is no more annoying/strong smell! It's a great product, light design, in short, we all approve !!!!

April 24, 2024


This set will please a family of 4 or 5 people, but for a couple, the dimensions of the pans are not suitable. The ceramic coating is very good for meat, as it doesn't stick, although my Chinese ravioli tended to stick a little. To sear the meat, however, you need to turn up the heat (induction in our case) quite high.

April 23, 2024


A perfect gift for those who enjoy grilling and cooking inside, but are deterred by that huge noise and after mess left by the old-time range top hoods. An absolutely amazing product, one I never knew existed until now. But had no idea how much I needed as the person you present to will also! Fabulous! I can't wait to take on our family vacation coming up.

April 19, 2024


Got what I expected for the price. It's very slim and more modern looking than any others out there for a much more affordable price. I just wasn't willing to pay a lot for a fan with light. Price gets an A+.

March 21, 2024


I am so happy with my new Ciarra Beyond Cookware Set. I selected the Midnight Dream (4pc) and the color is gorgeous!!! I was also please by its non-stick surface, I did not even need oil when searing a steak! The set is an affordable and beautiful addition to my kitchen. I highly recommend.

March 20, 2024


" Absolutely love this pots and pan set! So glad I picked Orangina, it adds such a fun and vibrant color to my kitchen! It’s heavy duty but not heavy to handle and the nonstick makes cooking with it a breeze. This is going a favorite kitchen cookware for this avid homecook. Great quality for a great price. So worth it! "

March 12, 2024


" Wow, I am Blown Away At This Quality If you are like me, you see the price tag on these and you're like "There's no way it is worth this price". Well, let me tell you, this is worth every cent. "

February 27, 2024


" The set is beautiful. So beautiful that you won't even want to use them. The color is vibrant. The non stick is very slick. You may never need any oil. Lol "

February 17, 2024


" WOW! I'm so lucky to own this set. Let's start off by saying that the soft pink color is immaculate. It just screams expensive and rich! Amen to that! "

February 10, 2024


" Absolutely worth the price. Ultimate home cooking solution. "

February 3, 2024


" Gorgeous cookware. The color is so nice. The Nonstick is on point and very very easy to clean up. Not super heavy but there is some weight to this set. Handles stay cool. The stovetop to the oven is why I bought this set. "

January 29, 2024


" Digital fan/light, very worth the money Very easy to install. Very stylish, looks like I should have paid more. The under light is perfect. I think they're cob bulbs. The amount of air she moves is very impressive. Three fan settings. The high setting is a little loud. "

January 26, 2024


" Beautiful sleek design and durable materials. Fairly easy to install and works well. The price is far better than local home improvement stores and shipped carefully straight to my house in 5 days with prime shipping. I’m very happy with this purchase.  "

January 3, 2024


" Love it! What a clever gadget! This is exactly what I needed for my cabin, and will probably be using it in my camper van too.  "

December 31, 2023


" I found this cute little portable range hood, and it kind of solved our issue. Now I get to decorate above the stove, how I want, and I am super happy with the fact that I can just put it away if I don’t want it on the stove.  "

November 1, 2023


" I've cooked a few meals now and have enjoyed it very much. The temp control is easy to navigate and the simple interface helps prevent any errors. It gets very hot and does so fairly quickly.  "

October 16, 2023

" It seems like a great solution for an induction cooktop without a built-in exhaust. It's bigger than it looks in the pictures, which is a good thing! "

September 11, 2023

" Live Camping from last weekend. Life is full of joy when we are around with HOOD TO GO. "

August 11, 2023

" Easy install and works. It fissions a tight spot. Good Light. Easily installed. Good price. "

July 19, 2023

" Does what it's supposed to do. After getting the HOOD TO GO, the splatter is reduced, and I can't say it takes all the smell away, but I was impressed by how little residual odor was left behind after cooking onions and fish. "

June 22, 2023

" Love the sleek design. The hood was simple to install to the base of the cabinet and nice and has a low profile compared to others I have looked at. "

June 12, 2023

" Nice hood, loud motor. Easily installed, complements my kitchen well. "

May 4, 2023

" This is a POWERFUL unit. It's also fairly quiet. It has 3 settings, but I only use one or two, as this is ENOUGH suction power for what I'm cooking. It's a simple design that's not competing with decor. "

April 13, 2023

" Very nice fit and finish. The power of this small vent hood is impressive. It's far better than larger models from other manufacturers. Once mounted it's very sleek and modern. I love it. "

March 24, 2023

" Love this vent hood!! It’s not too loud, and installation was a breeze… Did everything myself through my kitchen remodel… Love it. Everything works flawlessly… I’m using the filters in mine because it is not vented to the outside… "

February 14, 2023

" This is a great product for use in places like conversion vans and small apartments. The cooktop is very functional and well-made. The safety of induction (which only works when the pan is in place) is great for smaller spaces. "

January 20, 2023

" Have been looking for a vent hood for our new appliances read the reviews and ordered this one. Came in the box with no issues and was very easy to install. Looks awesome and the lights are bright and the suction power is great as well! Would highly recommend it!!! "

December 25, 2022

" Love my range hood! Has a beautiful matte finish. Buttons are easy to use. The LED light is awesome and lights up perfectly. Easy to install with great instructions. Wish it was a bit less noisy on high fan setting. Well worth the price! "

November 30, 2022