Ciarra Beyond Cookware Set Midnight Dream (4PCS)

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Ciarra Beyond Cookware Set Midnight Dream (4PCS)
Color:   Midnight Dream - Dark Blue
Subtotal : $399.00
  • Compatible with all cooktops, including induction cooktop.
  • Unlock the full potential of your culinary skills with Ciarra's induction cooker - the ultimate kitchen companion for mouth-watering dishes.
  • Whatever you need in the kitchen, big or small, CIARRA delivers with a better selection. Learn More→

Fry Pan

  • 10.2 in. diameter, 1.8 in. depth, 8.3 in. bottom diameter
  • Weight: 1.9 lb.

Saute Pan

  • 11 in. diameter, 2.8 in. depth, 9.5 in. bottom diameter
  • Weight: 4.5 lb.
  • 4.4 qt. capacity

Sauce Pan

  • 7.9 in. diameter, 3.5 in. depth, 6.9 in. bottom diameter
  • Weight: 2.9 lb.
  • 3 qt. capacity

Dutch Oven

  • 9.5 in. diameter, 5.1 in. depth, 8.5 in. bottom diameter
  • Weight: 4.4 lb.
  • 6.5 qt. capacity
What's Included
  • Fry Pan * 1
  • Sauce Pan * 1
  • Saute Pan * 1
  • Dutch Oven * 1

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Ciarra Beyond Cookware Set Midnight Dream (4PCS)
Ciarra Beyond Cookware Set Midnight Dream (4PCS)
Subtotal : $399.00

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Ciarra Beyond Cookware Set (4PCS)
Silent On An
Induction Cooktop
All Stovetops
Dishwasher Safe
Oven Safe Up To 450℉

Ciarra Beyond Cookware Set Midnight Dream (4PCS)

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Carton ModelCBCWSM7
Main ColorMidnight Dream - Dark Blue
Net WeightFry Pan - 1.9 lb
Saute Pan - 4.5 lb
Sauce Pan - 2.9 lb
Dutch Oven - 4.4 lb
Product Dimensions (diameter X depth)Fry Pan - 10.2" * 1.8"
Saute Pan - 11" * 2.8"
Sauce Pan - 7.9" * 3.5"
Dutch Oven - 9.5" * 5.1"
Warranty12 months

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michele Karabin
Ciarra Beyond Cookware Set Midnight Dream (4PCS)

I am so happy with my new Ciarra Beyond Cookware Set. I selected the Midnight Dream (4pc) and the color is gorgeous!!! I was also please by its non-stick surface, I did not even need oil when searing a steak! The set is an affordable and beautiful addition to my kitchen. I highly recommend.

Beyond Cookware - Midnight Dream

I love everything about this cookware. It is durable, non-stick and cleaning was so easy! I also really like the choices in color. the Midnight Dream is as beautiful as it looks online! Highly recommend!

Gert Blansten
Wow, I am Blown Away At This Quality

If you are like me, you see the price tag on these and you're like "There's no way it is worth this price". Well, let me tell you, this is worth every cent. Clean-up just became so much easier as these pans are absolutely fantastic. I am blown away by their quality. Seriously, I have had everything from stainless steel to cast iron and I have never had pots I have been more happy with than I am with these. For starters, this set has everything you could need, especially if you have a small family. They are heavy but not as heavy as cast iron or stainless steel, so they are still easy to manage if you have to carry them around anywhere. Literally, nothing sticks to these. We have put this to the test as we cook with these constantly, but there are no issues at all. With a wet sponge, you can get anything off the surface without a struggle. They are so durable and their presentation when they come is also epic. There is really no downside to these pots other than the fact that they may be out of your price range. If you can swing the bill, I highly recommend these. I cannot speak highly enough about their quality, this is the best set of dinnerware I have ever received.

Gorgeous set!

The set is beautiful. So beautiful that you won't even want to use them. The color is vibrant. The non stick is very slick. You may never need any oil. Lol
This makes it extremely easy to clean. Wipes with little effort.
They are weighty but not too heavy. Nothing like cast iron but you can definitely feel the good quality.
The handles don't get too hot and are easy to handle. The entire set can be used in the oven.
The tops aren't glass like most sets but are the same as the pots. They sit flat rather than rounded.