Ciarra HOOD TO GO Portable Mini Desktop Range Hood Shadow Noir

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Ciarra HOOD TO GO Portable Mini Desktop Range Hood Shadow Noir
  • Powerful: 2m³/Min strong suction power with DC motor, perfect solution to the problem of exhaust fumes at home hot pot BBQ.
  • Portable: Small, light and convenient and takes up no space. In mini size can cook with it whenever and wherever.
  • Affordable: No technical installation is required, and it can be used immediately after power on, saving additional costs.
  • Easy to operate and clean: One-button start, 2 speed settings to meet your needs. Simply wipe with a clean rag to keep stains away.
  • Effective filtration: With 3 layers different filters that highly filter fumes and odors. Filters are easy to clean and dishwasher-safe.
  • Multi-purpose: Really suitable for family reunion, friends gathering, you can enjoy the outdoor fun at home. Also can be given as a gift to friends, will certainly bring a surprise.
  • Power supply: plugged in, with power adapter
  • ⚠️Attention⚠️: HOOD TO GO is recommended for use with cooking appliances (eg. induction cooker, electric grill, electric heating cooker, etc, and can not be used for open flame cooking. The air inlet should be as close as possible to the cooking surface of other appliances (no more than 10cm away) to improve the efficiency of the extraction rate.
  • Warranty: 24 months
Color:   Shadow Noir
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Ciarra HOOD TO GO Portable Mini Desktop Range Hood Shadow Noir
Ciarra HOOD TO GO Portable Mini Desktop Range Hood Shadow Noir
Subtotal : $159.99

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" This range hood is very small and convenient, and the color is very beautiful. It is ideal for cooking Chinese food at home. There's no strong smell of oil anymore. "


" Ideal for frying food with an induction hob. "


"Cool, perfect for the hotpot!"


" Not only does it fit perfectly on my limited countertop space, but it also performs exceptionally well. "


" The hood effectively eliminates cooking smells and keeps the air clean while I'm cooking. Overall, I'm satisfied with the HOOD TO GO and would recommend it to anyone looking for a space-saving range hood. "


" This desktop range hood is a space-saving solution that doesn't compromise performance. It effectively removes cooking odors and smoke, making my kitchen a pleasant place to cook. "


" HOOD TO GO IS MAGIC. We received our HOOD TO GO and since then my kitchen has been magic to cook in. It extracts the steam before there is even steam. "


" I was pleasantly surprised when I received it, both in terms of the packaging and the hood itself. "


" So beautiful, Modern, Elegant, Portable Small but Powerful, easy storage. For meals in all conviviality. Cook anywhere and anytime. 😍 "


"Mini portable hood and induction hob: the perfect combination! "


" Small, light and practical it does not take up space. In mini size you can cook with it anytime and anywhere. Easy to use and clean I highly recommend. "


" It's exactly what I expected in terms of looks and functionality. It is a perfect match for Ciarra's induction cooktop and they are the perfect partner. No disappointments here! "

@Lydia Qiao

" I am thoroughly impressed with its performance. Despite its small size, this range hood packs a punch when it comes to suction power. It effectively removes cooking smells and smoke, keeping my kitchen fresh and clean. "


" Very easy to use, no more cooking smells and my smoke detector doesn't go off like it used to. "


“PLEASE NOTE: This portable range hood cooker should NOT be placed near fire. It is dangerous.”


“I never cook meat indoors because it leaves a beefy smell in the house and the floors are a bit greasy. Good if you like Korean bbq or hot pot at home . "

Ciarra HOOD TO GO Portable Mini Desktop Range Hood Shadow Noir

Carton ModelCBPHB01
Net Weight2.98lbs
Main ColorShadow Noir - Black
Material TypeRecycled ABS + metal
Fan Speed Level2 Speeds
Maximum Airflow>70 CFM
Sones Rating6.5 sones
Filter CleaningYes
Filter Cleaning ReminderNo
Product Dimensions (width X depth X height)6.3" * 8.4" * 13.7"
Polymer Filterφ126*0.6mm
Aluminum Filterφ126*3mm
Voltage110V - 240V
ETL ListedYes
Warranty24 months

Ciarra HOOD TO GO Portable Mini Desktop Range Hood

1 × Portable Hood
1 × AC Adapter
1 × Instruction Manual
1 × Aluminum Filter
1 × Carbon Filter
4 × Polymer Filter

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Janet Cobb
Love it!

Works great in a kitchen with no over oven vent!

Hi there! Thank you so much for your review. We are thrilled to hear that you love our Ciarra HOOD TO GO Portable Mini Desktop Range Hood in Shadow Noir. We designed it specifically for kitchens without an over oven vent, so we are so glad it is working great for you. Happy cooking!

Lucie lou
Super product

We have diverted its use for food to professional use in a dental laboratory. We couldn't find a mini hood like this one to suck up the smell and the smoke that the 3D prints give off when we have to weld on them. Well, thanks to this mini hood, you can see in my video that the smoke is totally sucked up and there is no more annoying/strong smell! It's a great product, with a light design, in short, we all approve !!!!

Ronald Hull

This thing eats smoke great device

Not magic, but better than no exhaust

Our old downdraft electric range died, and we decided to replace it with an induction range. However, we could not find any induction ranges with downdraft ventilation, which meant we had to settle for no exhaust system at all. We thought that being situated next to two windows might be sufficient for ventilation, but it was not. So I bought this Ciarra Hood To Go, hoping that it would solve all our problems. (Steam/smoke, oil, smells.) It did not, haha, but it DOES help WAY more than the windows do. I also like the design (both in terms of looks, and ease of use). I have yet to see any grease in the oil collection cup... but I do see see steam and sometimes grease on the window pane behind the Hood to Go, so I know it is working in that way. Ultimately it cannot be compared to a true ventilation system, but I definitely find it preferable to having no exhaust system at all, and I would buy it again for our circumstances.

Hale Chen
Powerful kitchen oil smoke killer

After using it the entire house smells more fresh when we are cooking.